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Rosenbauer Insurance Agents Help Clarify the Benefits You Might be Missing During Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for Medicare has begun. You have until December 7th to decide whether to keep your current plan or learn what new plans have to offer. We know it is tempting to just stay with what you currently have but we are here to help you discover some great benefits and savings for next year. Give us a call or FaceTime us and we will explain what is different with the new plans and how they could benefit you.

We find that the majority of the time, during our discussion, we help people save in the following ways:

· Prescription Drug Savings

· Part B Premium Savings

· Added or new Vision / Dental / Hearing Benefits

A couple of stories of how we have saved people money over the years stick out in our minds and we want to share them with you – to maybe shine some light on what could be possible for you and your family.

We worked with one individual and he received a check in the mail for $715 from his insurance company. Larry C. was appreciative of the nice check he got back in the mail from one of his plans. Does your insurance send you money back??

Another family we sat down and reviewed their plans and found a new plan that saved them over $6,500 a year! Jo T. will save over $1,400 next year since Alicia helped her discover this new plan. Her daughter Rebecca will save $3,200 next year after reviewing her coverage.

We aren’t going to make any promises, but we think it is worth the time for you to give us a call. Let us review your current coverage and work with you to answer a few questions:

· Where do you go to the doctor?

· What prescriptions do you take?

· What do you like and/or not like about your current plan?

Our goal is to save you money, ensure you are getting the best coverage and make sure you are getting all the benefits you deserve. Give us a call or FaceTime us and hopefully you will leave as happy as the customers in the testimonials below.



“I want to express my gratitude for the services your office has provided me in my supplement insurance. I have used other companies in the past but their services pale in comparison. Your office has enlightened me on the benefits I was totally unaware of.”

~ Paul

"I have had Mr. David Rosenbauer as my health care insurance agent for several years. I stay with Mr. David as he has always given me the very best information available re: health insurance. He has helped me stay completely covered with my health and medication I desperately need. Mr. David will be sure to call and make me aware of any coverage changes and if there may be new coverage added as well."

~ Cheryl

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