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More Open Enrollment Questions to ask... "Am I Missing Essential Prescription Benefits?"

Summer has come to a close, which means open enrollment for Medicare is just around the corner. Here at Rosenbauer Insurance we want to ensure you are prepared for the short window in which you can update and change your plan. We put together a 3-part discussion to help you assess your future healthcare coverage needs and help you make informed decisions about your 2021 healthcare plan. 

Part 1 of the discussion walks you through questions you need to ask yourself to evaluate if your current coverage is covering all your health insurance needs. Click here to read the article. Part 2 of the discussion takes a closer look at a topic on everyone’s mind – the cost of daily prescriptions.

When selecting a plan keep these things in mind

• A plan with a lower premium could be missing essential benefits

• Along with the premium, make sure your prescriptions are in the right tier and the plan you are selecting works with your chosen pharmacy

• Have a list of all current medication handy

Also, during this season – keep Rosenbauer Insurance in mind.

If things seem overwhelming or you want to make sure you are getting a customized plan that fits all your needs give us a call. To us you are a person, not just a plan. We pride ourselves on taking a doctor’s approach to finding the right plan for you. We listen to your symptoms, listen to your concerns, ask questions that drive to the main issues and then prescribe the right medication.

In other words, we take a personal approach to finding a plan that suits ALL your needs. We dig deeper and we understand you are a person with unique needs, and we will take the time to find a plan that has your financial best interest at heart and gets you all the benefits you are entitled to.

We use the latest technology and have access to the right tools to make this open enrollment season less of a headache for you. This is what we do and what we have always done. We are experienced, loyal and local. Feel free to give us a call so we can prepare for the upcoming season.



“The friendly agents at Rosenbauer Insurance took the time to help us determine our insurance needs and then based on their knowledge of many plans offered by different providers, suggested one that best met our needs.”

~ Dale and Elaine B.

"We have been coming to David since we retired. He has guided us through the choices of healthcare as our needs have changed. We have recommended David to our friends and family and will continue to do so."

~ Wayne and Sharon S.

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