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Cancer Plans

Chances are cancer has impacted you or someone you know. No one wants to experience a cancer diagnosis but the truth is the risk is great. The odds of a woman developing cancer in her lifetime are a little more than one in three, for men the chances are even greater with almost a one in two chance of developing cancer in their lifetime (Cancer Facts and Figures 2012, American Cancer Society).

Cancer is one of the most devastating and costly diseases known today. Many people are not aware that most of the costs of cancer are indirect, non-medical costs. The national cancer Institute estimates that 65% of the total cost of cancer treatment is related to indirect cost.

These costs include loss of income, transportation, meals, major medical deductibles, home care, drug related items, counseling, and many other unforeseen expenses.

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A good cancer plan can protect your savings and income from expenses not covered by other insurance. Many plans have generous lump sum payment options that let you use your cash benefits the way YOU see fit. Let us find the right coverage for you and your family.

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