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We offer dental and vision insurance plans to make it easier to give every aspect of your health the attention it deserves so you can stay focused on being vibrant and healthy. 


 More than 90 % of all common diseases have oral symptoms. Routine visits to the dentist help prevent costly dental bills later as well as problems linked to medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Many studies show that good oral health can help you avoid or better manage serious these health related issues and also improve your self-esteem. We understand that having good oral health can lead to an improved quality of life and help you avoid unforeseen situations that could be painful, inconvenient, and expensive. Call one of our agents today and let us help you find an affordable way to cover routine care as well as the unexpected.



 Rosenbauer Insurance understands how the  costs of routine eye exams and glasses can get to be a large and daunting bill.  We also know that many serious conditions can be detected by an eye exam, including diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. even with some plans offering dental and vision benefits, they may not have your trusted eye doctor in network. This is why we offer additional coverage for you vision, so that you can go where you're comfortable and those out of pocket eye costs can be kept to a minimum. 

A Few Companies We Work With...

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