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Why do business with Rosenbauer?


Generous Contracts- Are you getting paid what you deserve? Many agents aren't aware there's direct upper-level contracts available to them. 


Marketing Dollars- Our low overhead allows us to generously share marketing dollars you can use on leads, advertising, etc.


We know how to sell- Unlike FMOs who are just behind a desk, we are hard working agents in the field, just like you. We have decades of experience to prospect and close sales.


Technology- For our agents only, we provide cutting edge electronic tools to accurately and efficiently enroll clients during the short AEP window of opportunity. We stay up to date on the newest protocols, i.e. recordings, and offer fitting solutions.


Learn how to Cross Sell- We are experts at filling the gaps with HIP, HHC, DVH and more; let our pros show you how. 

Non- compete- As a group we work together, so when we run into a fellow agent’s business, we don’t knowingly replace it. All we ask is the same consideration in return. We can also guarantee a hassle-free release process!

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