Medicare during COVID: What important information could you be missing out on?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Everyone has been affected by the COVID pandemic. Important services and offices are closed or only doing business remotely. This is not only frustrating and overwhelming but in some cases can cause a delay or disruption in much needed services. Medicare and Social Security can be confusing while operating under normal conditions. Now with offices being closed it is near impossible to get the important answers and information that people need. What is the important information we could be missing out on?

How Rosenbauer can help...

Not only have we paid into Social Security and Medicare for years and deserve to know where we stand, but as we near retirement age or 65 we need to be planning for our future and obtaining valuable Health Insurance. Setting up an account through the Social Security Administration and Medicare gives people access to many resources to assist them in this regard. Protecting your hard-earned assets, obtaining quality health insurance and saving money on prescription drug costs are just a few of these resources. However, with virtually no assistance from these entities due to closures, where do people turn for help? We do not want anyone to miss out on all of the valuable resources available to them.

With over 52 years’ experience, Rosenbauer Insurance can alleviate the stress of being on hold for hours or not getting through to a live person. You have much more important things to take care of. We have worked hard to put systems and people in place to make the process of contacting Medicare and Social Security a much easier experience. Let us be your voice in obtaining the resources and answers you deserve. Here are just a few examples of people we have assisted:

  • Sandra had been trying to get a claim paid from back in 2017 that was billed incorrectly. We assisted her and her son, over the phone, in setting up a Medicare account and we were able to see the error to get it resolved.

  • Dee was confused by a letter he received from Social Security trying to show how much was being withheld from his Social Security check. We were able to set him up an SSA account and a Medicare account so that we show him exactly how much was coming out and for what.

  • Mark came in frustrated due to being on hold with SSA for over 2 hours trying to apply for Medicare then was disconnected. We set him up a SSA account to apply online for Medicare and now we will be able to set him up a Medicare account so that we can make sure he is getting all of the resources available to him.

Call or come by our office to let us help you make your life a little less stressful during these unprecedented times.

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